About Us

Who is BrainHealth Technologies?

All of BHT staff has either directly or indirectly experienced the stress, the expense and concerns of family caregiving – primarily for the safety of our loved ones. Since 2011 BHT has been pushing the boundaries of technologies designing software that leverages mobile technology to teach (over 1.6 million users and 6+ million teaching sessions). In 2015 the Company began working with Dr. Richard Isaacson Director of the AlzU – Alzheimer’s Prevention research team of Weill Cornell Medical College New York. In the process, we discovered the need for 21st century tools for patient safety for family caregivers and care facilities of all sizes.

What does BHT do?

BrainHealth Technologies – pushes the boundaries of technologies to improve human dignity! BHT found leading edge technologies being used in other global markets which we adapted to function for the safety and care of vulnerable Alzheimer’s/Dementia patients. The manufacturers of these products, seeing the need and the markets, have come alongside BHT to adapt their products and systems to assist in these efforts. With these globally recognized partners BrainHealth Technologies initiated the same approach to the Care Industry that it has with BHT’s teaching apps – once you have become a participating member with BHT your system will be updated at no additional cost.